Quick MC2 X陀螺儀於熱內亞船展獲得熱烈迴響

During the last Genoa International Boat Show, visitors were given the opportunity to test MC2 X stabilizers made by Quick, the Italian leader in the field of marine accessories and the crown jewel of technological innovation.

在這一屆義大利熱那亞國際遊艇展期間,參觀者有機會親身體驗由意大利海洋配件領域的領導者 – Quick Nautical equipment製造的MC2 X陀螺儀。

The Ravenna-based company has recently acquired MC2 that already manufactured stabilizers, carrying out a complete re-engineering process of the product and basing the new functioning on new mechanical logical principles that are opposite to the existing ones.


We had already tested these new and revolutionary stabilizers during an exclusive workshop but, now, our focus is on another different interesting aspect: public on board.


To tell the truth, the booth of Quick MC2 X was literally stormed by all those who wanted to test stabilizers to the point that visitors had to book their own turn and the queue at the stand ended up to be longer than that one at the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

從展會現場的實際反應來看,我們必須老實說,Quick MC2 X的展位確實遇上了蜂擁而至滿滿想體驗試乘的人潮衝擊,至使參觀者必須自行預約登船,且排列隊伍比威尼斯著名景點-里亞托橋上的對列更長。

As we climbed on board, there were also two Italian fishing enthusiasts, very interested into the efficiency of the product ( it is one among the most demanded applications among those who spend a lot of time waiting for fish to bite), two Americans that we could imagine in Key West looking for a marlin boat, an Italian couple, the discussions of which we can could still hear the echo and, above all, a boat manufacturer who was clearly there to see before believing.

當我們登船時,還有兩位意大利釣魚愛好者,對產品的效率非常感興趣(這是那些花費大量時間等待魚咬的人中最需要的應用之一),兩位美國人,我們 可以想像在基韋斯特尋找一條馬林魚船,一對意大利夫婦,我們仍然可以聽到迴聲的討論,最重要的是,一個船製造商,他們在相信之前就已經清楚地看到了成效。

Going out of the port, the boat was positioned transversely to the mouth. The surface of the sea was still flat but a light undertow was sufficient to make us notice the difference between the moment where the stabilizer was off and the boat started rolling and the moment where the stabilizer was on and roll stopped immediately, as if someone had engaged the hand brake.

駛出港口,船艇橫向停至於水面。 海面仍然是平坦的,但是輕微的海流足以讓我們注意分辨到陀螺儀關閉時船體下方傳來的擺動以及和陀螺儀啟動時船身立即停止之間的差異,就像汽車行駛到一半拉手煞般。

Much more evident was the effect when we went out of the inner breakwater. The weather was fine, the sea quite calm and the traffic in front the mouth of the port was remarkable. In particular, there were a lot of RIBs and motorboats showing their own power to the visitors of the Boat Show.

當我們走出內部防波堤時,效果更加明顯。 天氣晴朗,大海相當平靜,港口前方的交通非常顯著。 特別是,有很多RIB和摩托艇向船展的參觀者展示了自己的動力表現。

This situation gave an excellent test for our purposes, considering that real “trains” of waves of different height and direction were provoked, making it difficult to stop the boat.


In this case, the contribution of the stabilizer was very clear. Without it, in fact, the boat rolled manifestly while, with the stabilizer on, the boat blocked immediately, with a sudden sensation of ground anchorage. 在這種情況下,陀螺儀的貢獻非常明顯。 事實上,沒有它,船就會明顯地滾動,而陀螺儀打開後,船體搖擺立即被阻擋,就像突然感覺到地面錨定。


After a few seconds, quick stabilizers, navigationas new waves came, the boat started to roll a little again but the stabilizer found its own balance almost immediately.

幾秒鐘之後,Quick MC2 X陀螺儀感受到從不同方向來的新波浪,船身準備開始晃動,但MC2 X確也幾乎馬上找到了平衡點。

Less evident was, on the contrary, the effect in motion. Probably, it can be appreciated better if you know the boat because driving factors and dynamic trim can be highly variable.

相反地,MC2 X在動態效果呈現則不夠明顯。當然如果您了解船隻,則可以更清楚地理解,因為駕駛因素和動態縱傾會導至更多的變化。