我們很高興地通知您,Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR 和 Armònia SGR 已簽署協議,將收購 Quick Group Spa 資本的多數股權,從而在意大利航海設備行業的卓越供應鏈中啟動一項雄心勃勃的國際化和整合項目。

Quick Group 總部位於 Piangipane di Ravenna,在美國(馬里蘭州 Linthicum)和英國(Holbury, Southampton)設有兩個駐外辦事處,以及靠近 Ravenna 工廠的 CATT 機械廠,員工總數為約 270 人,預計本財年結束時,合併銷售額將超過 6500 萬歐元。

由於生產過程的垂直整合,業務範圍的廣泛性,以及多年來獲得的技術訣竅,Quick代表了一個很好的整合平台,並很好地利用了在全球COVID-19大流行疫情危機後開始的有利的船艇市場趨勢。該交易通過 Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita – FICC 和 Armònia 意大利基金進行的,目的是通過在意大利製造的卓越供應鏈進行雄心勃勃的整合和國際化項目,加強集團已經採取的增長途徑。

Marzucco 家族將繼續掌管公司,從而為企業成功故事提供延續性,現在 FII 和 Armònia 的貢獻將進一步加強,他們將帶來互補的專業知識和行業專家網絡,以增加 Quick 的發展機會。

Michele Marzucco – Quick Spa的首席執行官:”意大利投資基金和Armònia對Quick資本的投資代表了我們成長道路上的重要一步。我們相信,我們已經找到了一個戰略合作夥伴,它可以支持我們成為全球船艇行業的一個逐漸重要的參考點,支持我們迄今為止的價值觀:持續創新、廣泛的援助、關注客戶和尊重我們的員工。





With pleasure we inform you that Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR and Armònia SGR have signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in the capital of Quick Group Spa, thus starting an ambitious internationalization and consolidation project within a supply chain of excellence in the Italian industry.

Quick Group, which is headquartered in Piangipane di Ravenna and has two foreign offices in the United States (Linthicum, Maryland) and Great Britain (Holbury, Southampton), as well as the CATT machine factory near to the Ravenna plants, employs a total of about 270 people and estimates to close the current fiscal year with consolidated sales in excess of 65 million euros.

Thanks to the vertical integration of the production process, the breadth of business offerings, and the technological know-how gained over the years, Quick represents an excellent consolidation platform and is well positioned to take advantage of the favorable boating market trend that began in the wake of the pandemic crisis. The transaction, which takes place via Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita – FICC and Armònia Italy Fund, aims at strengthening the growth path already undertaken by the Group, through an ambitious consolidation and internationalization project within one of the Made in Italy supply chains of excellence.

The Marzucco family will remain at the helm of the company, thus providing continuity to an entrepreneurial success story, now further strengthened by the contribution of FII and Armònia who will bring complementary expertise and networks of industry experts in order to increase development opportunities for Quick.

Michele Marzucco – CEO of Quick Spa : “The investment of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento and Armònia in Quick’s capital represents an important step in our growth path. We are convinced that we have found a strategic partner that can support us in becoming a progressively more important point of reference for the global boating industry by espousing the values that have accompanied us to date: continuous innovation, capillary assistance, attention to the customer and respect for our employees.”

Due to the relationship of trust and collaboration that distinguish our path, we would like to be the first to communicate the change in governance, hoping it will be appreciated.

We are available for any clarifications, once again we want to emphasize that daily activities will not undergo changes, and there will be no company reorganization: your usual references remain valid.

Thank you for attention, we wish you the best for the upcoming period of well-deserved rest.