CMC MARINE擴大其在中國和台灣的影響力 正式宣布與中國超級遊艇廠- HEYSEA達成重大協議

The company led by Alessandro Cappiello has organised a roadshow in Taiwan to present its products to the Asian market, where they will be distributed by Ninety Nine, a solid company with several decades of experience working in the area. The company based in Tuscany, Italy, has also signed a major contract to supply Stabilis Electra to HeySea, China’s leading shipyard.

由Alessandro Cappiello領導的CMC在台灣舉辦了亞洲市場的第一場產品發佈會,並由具有幾十年船舶設備銷售經驗的九舫企業有限公司做為區域合作夥伴。這家位處義大利托斯卡納的公司此行也與中國中大型豪華遊艇領導廠家-海星船舶簽暑了重要的穩定翼銷售合同。


CMC Marine, which has for years been exploring and reporting success in strategic new geographical areas, recently completed a roadshow in Taiwan, where demand for custom solutions and leading edge technology is rising significantly.

CMC Marine多年來一直成功的在戰略性新地理區域探索和報導,最近在台灣完成了一次路演(產品發佈),對定制解決方案和前沿技術的需求正在大幅增加。


In response to this demand, on August 7 and 8 the Pisa-based company organised a series of events and meetings in the magnificent setting of the highly renowned Kanshin’s Pier 22 Marina, with over 30 managers from the main shipyards in the area (including Ocean Alexander, Horizon, Asia Harbour, Kashing and Johnson Yachts), during which CMC Marine presented its latest generation products. Industry representatives from Asia made their own contribution by explaining in detail the main needs of the various sectors, inviting CMC Marine personnel to visit shipyards based in the area to discuss specific technical needs and their customers. 

為響應這一需求,於2019年8月7日和8日,這家位於比薩的公司在美麗的高雄港埠內著名的嘉信22號碼頭舉辦了一系列活動和會議,向來自該地區主要造船廠的30多位經理(包括Ocean Alexander,Horizon,Asia Harbour,Kashing和Johnson Yachts..等)展示了CMC MARINE最新一代的產品。來自亞洲頂尖的遊艇行業代表通過與CMC Marine詳細解釋各個廠家的需求做出交流,並熱烈邀請CMC Marine人員訪問該地區的造船廠,討論具體的技術需求及其客戶。


CMC Marine’s main partner in the region will be Ninety Nine (, a company with over 40 years’ experience working in the marine and yachting sector, which will handle distribution on both its home market in Taiwan and on continental China.

CMC Marine在該地區的主要合作夥伴將是九舫企業有限公司(,這家公司在船舶和遊艇行業擁有超過40年的經驗,將在台灣和大陸市場進行市場推廣及分銷。


In parallel with the roadshow, CMC Marine also signed a major contract with China’s leading boat builder HeySea to supply Stabilis Electra HS120 for their new 142’ flaship, planned for delivery next year.

與產品發佈會同時,CMC Marine還與中國領先的船舶製造商海星船舶簽訂了一份重要合同,計劃於明年交付HS120的電動穩定翼在海星最新的142′ 旗艦船型。


CMC Marine CEO Alessandro Cappiello commented: “We are extremely proud to have signed an agreement with China’s leading yacht builder and hope it marks the start of a long term partnership, as has been the case with all our main European customers. It also represents an important step forward in the ‘conquest’ of Asia, where we will soon be in a position to provide adequate technical support on a par with other areas.”

CMC Marine首席執行官Alessandro Cappiello評論說:“我們非常自豪能夠與中國領先的遊艇製造商簽署協議,並希望它標誌著長期合作關係的開始,就像我們所有主要歐洲客戶的情況一樣。 這也是“邁向”亞洲的重要一步,我們很快將能夠提供與其他領域同等的足夠技術支持。“


The goal of the Pisa-based company is to offer the same level of quality, in terms of both production and assistance, in all the geographical areas into which it expands.