CMC Marine正式進軍中國市場

Stabilisation systems developed by the Italian company will soon be fitted to mega yachts built in China for local owners.由意大利公司研發的穩定系統很快就會被安裝到中國本地製造的大型遊艇上。

Superyacht stabilisation specialists CMC Marine are entering the Asia market following a deal with the Chinese Liaoning Jinlong shipyard. The Pisa-based company will be providing their latest stabilisation systems for mega yachts intended for sale to Chinese owners.

超級遊艇穩定翼專家CMC Marine在與中國遼寧錦龍造船廠簽署協議後正式進入亞洲市場。 這家總部位於比薩的公司將為大型遊艇提供最新的穩定係統,供中國業主出售。

CMC Marine already have a proven track record with American and European Superyacht manufacturers. While they made a little headway with the Asian market several years ago, they had not managed to establish a firm foothold there until now.

CMC Marine已經與美國和歐洲超級遊艇製造商建立了良好的合作記錄。 雖然幾年前他們在亞洲市場取得了一些進展,但直到現在他們還沒有在那裡建立穩固的立足點。

Securing the deal required a demonstration of the new Stabilis Electra™ – LR System stabilisation systems. Representatives from Liaoning Jinlong asked to visit a vessel comparable to the type they build, but which had the CMC system already installed. Satisfied with what they saw, the deal to fit the same system to the Chinese 50-metre mega yachts was signed.

為確保安全需要新Stabilis Electra™ – LR系統穩定係統的演示。遼寧錦龍的代表要求參觀一艘與其建造類型相當同時已安裝CMC穩定系統的相仿船型。他們對所看到的內容表示滿意,並正式簽署了同一系列適用於50M超級遊艇上的系統。


“Our internationalisation in recent years has become one of our company’s distinctive feature,” said Alessandro Cappiello, CEO of CMC Marine. “Sending one of our associates to the area was a major investment, but proved to be a decisive step forward. This new partnership confirms that it’s full steam ahead for the sales strategy we have defined, even in this relatively unexplored market.”

“我們近年來的國際化已經成為我們公司的一個顯著特徵,”CMC Marine首席執行官Alessandro Cappiello說。 “將我們的一名員工派往該地區是一項重大投資,但事實證明這是一個決定性的進步。 這一新的合作夥伴關係證實,即使在這個相對未開發的市場中,我們已經確定了銷售策略的全面發展。“


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